dh Photo

Event & Sport Photography that captures those special moments and gives you lasting memories.

Good Event & Sports photography is about anticipating the moment, knowing what’s about to happen, and placing yourself in just the right position to capture it. I will do my utmost to get the best shots of the action. With over 20 years as a professional photographer, I have the skills and knowledge to capture your event's special moments and give you wonderful lasting memories.

cyclist during a time trial on the A45 in Warwickshire
swordpunk x - people training in the use of the sword
at swoprpunk 2019 a man stilt walking
climate change march in leamington spa 2019
a police motor bike and rider outside kineton army camp 2019
85th birthday cake at party
a professional chicken mascot costume
metallic purple beach buggie at midlands motor fest april 2019
horse and rider at offchurch bury eventing 2019
2 runners at the kenilworth half marathon 2019
police office at road to ruin 2019
black and white portrait of woman at road to ruin 2019
man in helmet with eyes showing at road to ruin 2019
headshot of man with beard wearing goggles at road to ruin 2019
at polesworth motorctoss 2020 rider 11
polesworth motorcross rider going uphill into a bend
motorcross rider landing after a jump front wheel off the ground
evesham valley cross cycle uphill rider bike carry November 2019
a male competitor takes a moment to reflect at the warwickshire wolf run 2019
evesham valley cross cycle female rider with smile November 2019