Below you will find information about services I offer.


I am available to cover many types of indoor & outdoor events including:

  • Small Weddings (under 10 people)
  • Social Photography - Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Receptions
  • Awards, Ceremony and Corporate Events
  • Press & PR Photography
  • Product Launches
  • Bands, Concert & Entertainment
  • Presentations, Prize Giving & Award Ceremonies
  • Sports Events - See Sports for more information
  • Martial Arts - Competitions, Gradings, Seminars,
  • Onsite Visits, Opening Cermonies,

Most events that I cover is as a roving photographer, taking a combination of posed/requested photos and candid natural photographs.


For me sports photography falls into 2 main catagories:

1, Sports Action

This is about "capturing the moment" during the action of a sporting event, being able to antisicipate what will happen next plays a big part in being able to get the shot.

Understanding a sport and then having the experience of photographing that sport many other sports events over the years all play a part in me being able to cover these events and get pleasing images.

2, Sports Portraits

Sports Portraits differs from Sports Action Photography in that you have more time to create the image with the athlete as images are set up and we have are able to discuss the types of images that an athlete wants before we shoot and then work towards getting them, we can keep shooting, changing clothing, changing lighting until we get what the client wants.

Sport Portraits and booked and discussed before the shoot and are charged by the session/shoot, we can shoot at a number of different locations in order to reflect the sport that the athlete is involved in.

Press Photography

I provide a number of news papers with images from news events that I cover and these can range from Sporting Events, Public Meetings, Protests. Accidents or other news worthy events.

PR Photography

PR Photography covers a varity of areas for me and may include, images for an upcoming Press Release, Personal Branding, Portraits, ID Photographs and more.