From historical events to corporate parties, community events to specialist festivals, Ihave the experience and knowledge to capture those special moments for you.

Some recent events I have photographed include SwordPunk 9 & 10, Road to Ruin 2019, Tanks, Trucks & Firepower 2019, Bikerlott 2019, Leamington Canal Festival 2018, Leamington Peace Festival 2017/2018 and Warwickshire Pride (2019).

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The past year has seen a big drop in my photography coverage of events, so I have not much posted on here as a result of this. 2021 is starting to bring new events to photograph and I will be updating images over the coming year. Please check back to see new images from 2021.

tanks, trucks & firepower 2019 armoured vehicles drive through explosions with balls of fire around one vehicle
swordpunk x september 2019 dan smith teaching sword
warwick folk festival black and white image of a male wearing a top hat with badges on it
jousting in the pump room gardens
Leamington Canal Festival 2018 local rescue team pose for photograph
mr karting leamington spa a male driver exiting a bend slightly blurred image showing speed and movement
sikh temple leamington spa in warwickshire members of the temple pose with Green party co-leader Caroline Lucas
male headshot, portrait or for personal or business branding use photograph by dh photo in warwickshire