Sports Photography

I have been photographing sports for over 40 years. I started with one of my passions, martial arts, and over the past 20 years, I have photographed a diverse range of sports including running, cycling, motor cross, knife & axe throwing, go-karting, world records and golf. In addition to photographing action sports, I also offer studio or environmental/location sports portraits.

If you have a sporting event coming up, I offer a number of options based on what it is you want me to do and many events I will cover free of charge. 

Contact me to find out more on 07818 744347 or click on the Contact page in the menu.

cycle hill clime cyclist out of the seat as he drives towards the top of the hill at newnham hill in daventry 2019
mini downhill mountain bike
paddy doyle strains to hold up his ruck sack during a world record attempt
2 castles run in 2018 from warwick to kenilworth castle 10k the first runner past me as he comes over the brow of a hill
an eventing event at offchurch bury in warwickshire a rider and horse as they go over a low jump
paddy doyle on the side of a hill during a world record event
horse and rider looking strong as they take a bend in the course at offchurch bury in warwichshire
Mountain bike challenge paddy doyle strains as he cycles up hill to the finnish of another during a world record attempt
newnham hill in daventry during an inter club hill climb notice that the rider out of his seat as he pusses to the top o
A rider landing on his rear wheel after taking a jump at the polesworth track
newnham hill in daventry a rider competing in an inter club hill climb 2019 pushes hard to reach the top of the hill
eventing at offchurch bury in warwickshire and rider leans forward as her horse is air born with all 4 legs off the grou
a  bmx rider is airborne as he takes a jump at the campion hills track in leamington spa warwickshire
motor cross at the polesworth track
horse and rider half way over a jump
newnham hill climb event a rider pushes to the top of the hill
polesworth motocross track a rider is at 45 degrees as he takes a loop in the track
cyclist enjoy a ride on the lanes around kenilworth in warwickshire
it's uphill for this motorcross rider at the polesworth track


This is an area that I have a lot of experience in photographing with well over 200 plus events covered since 2019 I know a thing or two about photographing at these events.

Running Events

From local Fun Runs to Competitions, I have covered many of these events, capturing individual and group images for the participants or event organisers. Many of the local events I cover also feature in local news papers.

Cyclo-cross, BMX & Mountail Bike Events

I really enjoy photographing at these events, there is always something going on that catches my eye and makes for a great image.

Martial Arts

Martial Arts are where I started in photography back in the late 1970's, I started with photographing Judo as my father and I competed for a local club. Over the years I have photographed many Martial Arts/Sports and always enjoy covering these events. As a Martial Arts Instructor myself I have a good idea what to cover and an understanding of what is going on.

Endurance Events

I have covered over 250 of these as the offical photographer for Paddy Doyle (holder of over 700 Career Physical Fitness Challenge & World Records}. Most of these have been outside on location and have had me moving between check points photographing him at each stage of an event and providing photographic and written evidence for the world bodies involved.

Motorcross Events

Equestrian Events

Cricket Matches

Football & Rugby Matches