Photography Tuition

Are you seeking a photography tutor who can elevate your abilities?  Look no further than my expert services.  I will help take your skills to new heights!  Contact me today and let us guide you on the path towards success in this art form.

Looking for a seasoned photographer who can provide valuable insights and knowledge? T hen kook no further.  With years of experience under my belt I have built up an impressive portfolio that showcases the quality work I’m capable of delivering.  Let me help you achieve your goals by sharing what I know about photography.

As a skilled photographer with extensive experience in teaching I am confident that you will find me an excellent tutor.  My ability to break down complex ideas into simple terms and provide constructive feedback ensures that my students are able to grow as photographers under my guidance.  With strong qualifications backing up my expertise its clear why choosing me would be the right decision for anyone looking to improve their photography skills.

As a working photographer and educator I am passionate about creating personal connections with my students.  This approach allows me to provide an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience that fosters motivation and engagement throughout the process of mastery.  Through this methodology we can work together towards achieving your goals while building lasting relationships along the way.

As a photography tutor I understand that each student has their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses when it comes to learning this craft.  Thats why my approach is different from others - by taking the time upfront to get acquainted with you personally before designing an individualised curriculum tailored specifically for your needs and goals as a photographer. This way we can ensure maximum progress towards achieving those objectives efficiently while still enjoying every step along the journey!

Are you seeking guidance in photography? Look no further than my expertise. With years of experience under my belt I am confident that together we can achieve your desired results.  Don't delay any longer - contact me today and let us begin this exciting journey towards becoming a better photographer!

Photography Tuition

  • Make the most of your camera and how it works
  • Develop a better understanding of photography
  • Improve your photography skills
  • Try something different
  • For beginners and improvers who want more.
  • Location or home based tuition.
  • Handouts.
  • Friendly and informal tuition.
  • Free Consultation to discuss what you want from from tuition, call me.

What I Can Help You With

  • Basic/General Photography Skills
  • Flash Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Studio Photography
  • Sports Action Photography
  • Photojournalism/Press Photography
  • Mobile Phone Photography
  • Basic Editing Skills

Why Offer Tuition?

I have a lot of experience to share with you, espically in sports photography, photojournalism/press photography and many other areas of photography. To be honest, I have seen so many people ranging from amature, semi-pro's and even some professional photographers produce such rubbish work and they think it is good, when it is not. Then put it out there for sale on their websites or post it to social media.

It was a friend who suggested that I offer training to a wider audience, I have been teaching photography to friends and some other photographers for over 10 years. Through this web page I am offering what I do to a wider group of people. Many sports photographers I see at amature and club level produce poor quality work and think it is good, as do many of their friends and family. I am here to help those photographers become better at what they do and help others to improve their basic photography understanding and skills.

a horse and rider take a jump

Photography Basics

General Photography Tuition - helping you to getmore out of your equipment and improve your photography skills and understanding, through friendly hands on real world experience and tuition. Contact me to discuss what you want from tuition.

a motorcross rider on a bank at polesworth motorcross track in warwickshire, england

Sports Action Photography

Sports Action Photography - do you want to capture great images of sports that you have an interest in, or does a family member belong to a team and you want to get great shots of them?  Contact me to discuss what you want from tuition.

1hr Tuition/Session


1 hour of photography tuition on your chosen area of photography, as agreed before sessions. Sessions will include theory and practial and most sessions I will provide you with written handouts of key points covered for you to refer to at a later date.

2hr Tuition/Session


Runs much like a 1 hour session, but gives us more time to cover theory and practical applications. These sessions are good to cover live events such as cycling time trials as these are usually over in about an hour, leaving time before and after.

4hr Tution/Session (half day)


4 hour sessions (half day) allow us to dive deeper into your chosen aspect of photography (or sport). Allowing for greater learning opportunities and real world practical applications. Ideal for attending live 2 - 3 hour events.

8 hour Tution/Session (full day)


This is a great choice espically if you have to travel, filling your day with developing your photography skills, knowledge and experience you can totally imerged in becoming a better photographer and developing the skills to achieve the outcome you want.

david hastings photographing the cycling stage of a triathlon in heavy rain

David Hastings photographing the cycling stage of a Triathlon in heavy rain.


What's Included?

My time, knowledge and experience as a photographer, helping you to develop the area of photography that you wish to learn or become better at. Any handouts that I supply you with are included.

Where Are You Located?

I am about 5 miles from Rugby, Warwickshire. Situated just outside a small village.

Do You Travel?

Yes, I will travel to your location or a mutually agreed location/venue. The cost of travel is £0.50 per mile after the first 30 miles and I may charge travel time depending on distance and what your booking time with me is. Travelling makes more sense if you book a Half or Full day with me, unless you are close to my location. Contact me to have a chat about what you want from tuition and where you are located.

Are There Any Other Costs?

If we are attending a venue to photograph, then there may be additional costs that will need to be paid for.

What Equipment Do I Need?

General Photography Tuition - Whatever you have to start with, use what you have and as you develop then consider new equipment. If all you have is a mobile phone, then that is what you use.

What About Sports Action Photography?

Photographing sports is best suited to using a DSLR or Mirrowless camera and it will depend on the sport as to what lens you need. The simple answer is use what you have and as your passion grows so might your kit.

Contact me to discuss how I can help you develop

your photography skills and real world experience

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