December 3, 2019

Why Make Prints?

General Interest, Photography

Print out digital photos or risk losing them, Google boss warns

“Food for Thought”

The above is a heading from an article that appeared in the Telegraph ( and I think it’s worth reading this article.

In a time when we digitise almost every thing and when we are encouraged to do so, we stand the chance of loosing our history and memories. 

Do you make prints from your digital files? We now take more photographs than at any other point in our history and what do we generally do with them? 

Most people keep them as a digital file on there mobile telephone and some might download them to their computers hard drive or an external hard drive and they usually just sit being viewed now and then.

I recommend making prints (hard copies) and here are some of the reasons why:

You may accidentally delete an image file that you did not mean to delete

You loose or have your phone stolen with the images on it and no back up

Your computer and or hard drive is stolen

Your computer’s hard drive or an external hard drive fails

You change your phone as most of us do every few years and do not transfer our image files to our new phone loosing them forever

We have a corrupt file and can not access it

We over rite or re-format the hard drive without backing up our image files

If we put them years ago on to CD/DVD we may of lost or damaged the disk in some way

The above is a list of some of the reasons to make prints because of possible loss, now lets look at some of the positives to make prints:

They are real, physical, tactile items that we can hold and share

Prints, albums and photo books make great gifts

We can display prints in our own home in so many ways

Prints have an actual physical presence

Photographs displayed are a great conversation starter

They are something physical that can be passed down to our children and loved ones

For me looking at photographs trigger wonderful memories of my past that have at times not been remembered until I revisit them through the photograph

I am not saying to print out every image you have ever taken, but think about printing the important ones such as Weddings, births, parties, graduations, celebrations, awards, etc.

Those that matter to you